Happy Valentine’s Day from Jesus

Feb 14, 2023 | Faith

Do you think Jesus cares about Valentine’s Day?

I don’t think he does in the specific sense of the holiday. But he cares about us and what we’re going through. And he’s creative, so he uses a lot of things to communicate with us.

One Valentine’s Day, my sister Jess and I were having a really rough day. We do not live near each other, but we were both going through a difficult time with some family issues. There had been a lot of emotions and tears to process.

As I spent time with Jesus that day, I had a vision of myself wrapped in bubble wrap from the neck down. I looked frightened, but Jesus unwrapped me. Then I heard the song, Come Fly with Me (Frank Sinatra) start playing in my mind. When I looked into the lyrics of the song, it was so apt for how I’d been feeling and was just what I needed to hear. I knew instantly why Jesus had given me that song. I certainly felt I needed to fly away with Jesus, and get up and away from everything that was happening around me.

It turns out Jess was having a similar experience with Jesus that day. Except the song he gave her was Love is in the Air (John Paul Young). She too had looked into the lyrics and immediately understood what Jesus was saying to her.

The next day, Jess and I were on the phone, debriefing the previous day’s dramas. As conversation developed, we ended up sharing what Jesus had spoken to us through the songs. We were pondering the fact that Jesus had used secular love songs to speak to us.

“Jess,” I said, “Do you realise yesterday was Valentine’s Day? And do you see what’s happened? Jesus was romancing both of us in the same way!”

Jesus had spoken to us both uniquely, but in the same method. With secular love songs that we don’t hear very often. On Valentine’s Day.

Jesus knew how tough the day had been for us. He knew exactly what we needed to hear from him. And he tied it all in with Valentine’s Day.

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