Book Spot #10 – The Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn (with Zenae and Liana)

Dec 22, 2023 | Book Spot

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Hey folks! Zenae and Liana are bringing the book spot to you today. This originally went live on Facebook on Thursday 21st December, but is now published on our YouTube channel in the video above.

As promised in the video, here is the list of the books in the series so you know where to start if you’d like to join the girls on this amazing journey that the books brought them through.

The Christy Miller Series – Books in Timeline Order

It’s interesting to note that the series has been around a long time, as the first book was originally published in 1988. It’s a testament to the strength and universality of the story that it’s being read and loved by teens today.

Christy Miller – Teen Series

Click on the Volumes or Titles to find out more about the books and/or to buy them from Amazon (ps … these are affiliate links, which means if you purchase anything we will earn a small commission – hope that’s okay!).

Where the titles don’t have links it’s because they are only available within the Volume they are part of.

Volume 1

  • Summer Promise
  • A Whisper and a Wish
  • Yours Forever

Volume 2 

  • Surprise Endings
  • Island Dreamer
  • A Heart Full of Hope

Volume 3 

  • Ture Friends
  • Starry Night
  • Seventeen Wishes

Volume 4

  • A Time to Cherish
  • Sweet Dreams
  • A Promise Forever


Todd and Christy – The College Years


Todd and Christy – The Married Years


Todd and Christy – The Baby Years

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